Saturday, July 30, 2022

National Sales Manager

Location Phnom Penh Deadline N/A Salary N/A


 TSNR Distribution Co., Ltd. is a leading distribution service provider in Cambodia with nationwide coverage to 20 main provinces. We are focus on FMCG distribution and the sole distributor for SCJohnson, LION, NCP and others products in Cambodia, e.g. market leader brands like Raid, Glades, Shokubutsu, Kodomo, Ovaltine, Fitne, Net, Seagull etc. In order to meet the growing demand and business expansion, we are looking for suitable and qualified candidates to fulfil the following position.

TSNR Distribution Co., Ltd

No. 99, St. 598, Chrang Chamres II, Russey Keo, Phnom Penh. Tel: (+885) 093 709 332 /(+855) 95 999 039  Email:

 Role Overview

Position title

National Sales Manager

Reports to


Travel requirements

£ No travel    £ Min travel within Country/ Cluster

R Reg. travel within state/country  £ Ext travel within state/country

£ Min travel overseas    £  Extensive overseas


Phnom Penh

Position description


Type of contract

R    Full time permanent           £    Part time permanent

£    Fixed Tern Contract

Key Responsibilities / Challenges of the position


Plan and Implement sale target by channel, sub channel, and salesperson.


-           Base on yearly target by VP

-           Assign to sale channels

-           Review and evaluate monthly

-           Align revenue with annual business goal


Build and maintain distribution system:

-           Base on coverage target by VP

-           Assign to sale staff

-           Review and evaluate monthly

-           Align coverage to deliver sale target


Active outlet

-           Base on hit rate target by VP

-           Monitor to productivity rate of salesmen

-           Review and evaluate monthly

-           Sell relationship with market



-           Enough resources to deliver business goals


Days On Hand Inventory

-           Forecast sales rolling 3 months

-           Identify and action plan on dead stocks

-           Identify and action plan on high holding stocks

-           Accuracy of forecasts


Credit Limit

-           Manage extension on credit limit

-           Control on risk of cash flow






Minimum Bachelor’s degree (Business Management or Economics preferred)


Minimum at least 05-07 years’ experience in sales management position preferably in FMCG.

Technical skills:

+ Specialty knowledge:

1.     Planning and implementing sale goals

2.     Build and manage distribution system

3.     Lead an effective sale team

+ Job skills:

4.     Communication, Problem Solving

5.     Presentation and negotiation

6.     Analysis of data

7.     Coaching

8.     Project managing

9.     Leadership

10.   Flexible


11.   Proficient in MS office: Word Excel, PPT

12.   Good Communication in English

13.   Honest

14.   Passionate


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