Monday, January 11, 2021

Senior Accounting & Finance Supporting Officer, Senior Tax Officer


Location: Phnom Penh |  Deadline: 13/Jan/2021 |  Salary: Negotiable

We are looking for qualified candidate to fill for the position below.

Announcement Description

We are looking for qualified candidate to fill for the position below.

Announcement Positions

Senior Accounting & Finance Supporting OfficerApply Now 

Accounting, Banking / Finance, Exec. / Management

  • Location:Phnom Penh Capital
  • Schedule:Full-time
  • Salary:N/A

Department : Accounting and Finance Department

Reports to : Financial Accounting Unit Manager

Job Grade : 4

Location : Head Office

Job Purpose

The Job has a vital responsible for analyzing the financial information needs of an organization and review existing systems. S/he is responsible for verifying and maintain of financial data and for providing an interface between the finance and information technology/systems departments. Within the senior accounting and finance supporting function may report to the financial accountant manager and/or Head of Accounting and Finance. This function is involved in the implementation of change processes within the finance department with related department and may manage new financial systems projects. They may also be required to assist other users of financial information.

Results Expectation

1.         Ensure the accounting and finance data are accuracy and transparency.

2.         Timely and accuracy the completeness of implementing testing of new policy and procedure in system. 

3.         Ensure that all business transactions are recorded in its correct procedure.

4.         Ensure physical safety of important documents and data and facilitate future reference.

5.         Report to line manager immediately about the happened problems of changing process for on time solutions.


  • Strategies / Planning / Policies / Vision / Leading

o    Specifics duty and Responsibilities are to perform the accounting and finance supporting system to be complied with the accounting standards and the accuracy data with the current policy and procedure. These may include as the following mentions:

§  Lead accounting/finance team in testing a changing process in financial system related new policy and procedure.

§  Implement the accounting system testing to ensure the accuracy data by the accounting standard and implement the operating manual and procedure related to Accounting and Financial management

§  Coordinate and provide technical support within organization efficiently and effectively, provide advices/solutions and take immediate action to correct the mistakes to ensure accuracy of transaction, smooth operation with best result

§  Oversee and monitor overall accounting process to timely report to his/her manager.

§  Assist Head of AFD in leading to develop and update the operating manual, procedure, and guidelines to ensure the efficient and effective performance.

§  Participate in systems test and introduce new procedures related to accounting system use within CAMMA MFI Ltd.

§  Design procedures, Job description and reports, create forms and documents.

§  Analyzing, planning, and identifying information needs and sources.

§  To perform a various core project participation

§  Work closely with External auditor to respond their concern and requirement.

§  Perform other duties as required by senior manager.

  • Responsibilities (Performance Management)

o    Monitoring, Error checking and updating the system according to needs

o    Work with accountants and finance team/ IT technical supporting team/relevant department team to strengthen tasks management, problem solving, technical supporting within organization.

o    Willing to help other tasks and teamworking.

o    Follow up/review all pending tasks to be fixed accordingly and timely.

o    Routine or exchange working for the purpose of expanding knowledges and experiences.

o    Willing in traveling to branches and provinces.

  • Respond (Development​)

o    Regular Capacity development

o    Group discussing and team building

o    Keep updating the current accounting standard, policy and procedures

o    Updating knowledge and skill enhancement

o    Refresh training for skill development

o    Be honest, creative, dynamic, flexible, self-direct, self-motivated team working and high responsibilities


  • Education:

o    At least Bachelor’s in accounting or Finance field or equivalent professional qualifications.

o    Knowledge of CIFRS for SME standard and taxation are preferable.

o    Knowledge and experiences of accounting system and software are considered as strong assets.

  • Experiences:

o    3years or more experience working as financial accounting with the banking or MFI sector.

  • Hard Skills

o    Accounting and Finance Skills

o    Accounting System and software Skills

o    Good at Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook & Office.

o    Good speaking and writing in both English and Khmer.

  • Soft Skills (Transferable Skill)

o    Work Ethic

o    Team Player Attitude

o    Communication/Patient

o    Interpersonal skills

o    Openness to Feedback/ Active listening

o    Adaptability

  • Commitments

o    High responsibility of the job description

o    Adherence timely manners in doing tasks and obligations

o    Commit to fulfil the job to get a best result and align to the organization/departments’ objective

o    Continue providing professional technical support 


Senior Tax OfficerApply Now 

Accounting, Banking / Finance, Exec. / Management

  • Location:Phnom Penh Capital
  • Schedule:Full-time
  • Salary:N/A

Location : Head Office

Department : Accounting and Finance

Reports to : Financial Accounting Unit Manager

Level : 4


  • Purpose of Job

o    Senior Tax Unit Officer will be responsible for:

§  Oversee and monitor overall business operation to comply with tax law

§  Implement the operating manual and procedure related to Accounting and Financial management.

§  Coordinate and provide technical support to staffs at each branch efficiently and effectively.

§  Provide advices/solutions and take immediate action to correct the mistakes to ensure accuracy of transaction, smooth operation with best result.

§  Oversee and monitor overall accounting process in order to timely report to his/her manager on the current financial position.

o    Expected Results

§  Ensure timely and accurate tax declaration.

§  Ensure that all revenues and expenses recorded in its correct income and expenditure comply by tax law.

§  Ensure that all valid documents approved and posted into accounting system accuracy supports and fully comply with tax law.

§  Ensure accuracy of transaction and effective financial management.

§  Ensure physical safety of important documents and data, and facilitate future reference.

§  Report to line manager immediately about the happened problems for solutions.

o    Performance Indicators

§  The Key Performance Indicators will be set out by Financial Accounting Unit Manager.

  • Specific Duties & Responsibilities

o    Part 1: Main Duties and Responsibilities

§  Tax accounting management

§  Monthly and Yearly tax declaration

§  Tax audit/inspection/consultation/communication/relationship

§  Work closely with External auditor

§  Tax information update

§  Tax training to staffs

§  Tax supporting technique/Consulting/ Advising tax issues to HQ and branch office

§  Verify day to day business transaction to ensure accuracy posting and declaration.

§  Updated policy and procedure to comply by current tax law.

§  Other tax matters

o    Part 2: Responsibilities (Performance Management)

§  Prepare and check daily accounting activities such as:

§  Check supporting documents of all business transactions (credit documents, income /expense vouchers, account vouchers, saving/deposit vouchers, withdrawal/transfer vouchers, exchange slips, debit/credit advices, Cheques, fixed assets, inventory and other important documents).

§  Make sure that business transactions recorded correctly.

§  Input the data into the system.

§  Filling all financial document/related documents and vouchers.

o    Check accrued expense accounts, prepaid expenses and insurance accounts within HQ and all branches properly and on time.

o    Check and verify CAMMA MFI’s expenses documents at Head Quarter.

o    Surprise cash count HQ and all branch

o    Participate in systems test and introduce new procedures related to accounting system use within CAMMA MFI Ltd.

o    Keeping tax declaration report and relevant supporting documents accurate and secure both hard and soft.

o    Perform other duties as required by senior manager.

o    Part 3: Report writing

§  Report:

§  Monthly and Yearly tax declaration report

§  Monthly and Yearly account closing report

§  Monthly LOS, Trial Balance, Financial Statement, GL transaction report from MRK consolidate


  • At least Bachelor in Accounting or Finance field or equivalent professional qualifications.
  • Tax agent certificate is considered as strong assets.
  • At least 3years of experiences working as financial accounting with banking or MFI sector.
  • Experience with Monthly and annual tax declaration.
  • Excellent communication & interpersonal skills.
  • Good speaking and writing in both English and Khmer.
  • Good at Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook & Office.
  • Be honest, creative, dynamic, flexible, self-direct, self-motivated, team working and high responsibilities


Application Information

Interest candidate please submit CV & Cover Letter by using the contact detail.

Code of Ethics:

Employees should act with integrity, comply with laws, maintain a professional work environment and comply with company policies. They should treat customers, colleagues, and partners ethically at all times. The employer shall act upon employees’ misconduct that are contrary to company’s policies.

For me information please see an attach file below.