Saturday, January 30, 2021

Request Proposal Documenting Best Practices Social Protection


Location: Phnom Penh   |   Deadline: 28/Feb/2021    |  Salary: Negotiable

Announcement Description

DCA is looking for a consultant to document the best practices on social protection in Cambodia and provide recommendations to implement effective the National Social Protection Policy Framework in Cambodia as below.

Bid Components

Request for Proposal for Documenting Best Practices on Social Protection

Call for Proposals

  • Location:Phnom Penh Capital

Scope of services

The Services required by the Contracting Authority are described in the Terms of Reference in Annex 1.

The Candidate shall offer the totality of the Services described in the Terms of Reference. Candidates offering only part of the required Services will be rejected.

Cost of proposal

The Candidate shall bear all costs associated with the preparation and submission of his proposal and the Contracting Authority is not responsible or liable for these costs, regardless of the conduct or outcome of the process.

Eligibility and qualification requirements

Candidates are not eligible to participate in this procedure if they are in one of the situations listed in article 33 of the General Terms and Conditions for Service Contracts – Ver2 2020.

Candidates shall in the Proposal Submission Form attest that they meet the above eligibility criteria. If required by the Contracting Authority, the Candidate whose proposal is accepted shall further provide evidence satisfactory to the Contracting Authority of its eligibility.

As a rule, the arrival of a proposal in due time is always the candidates’ responsibility. Late proposals refer to any proposal arriving after the Closing date for submitting proposals, and any proposals arriving late due to a delay, for instance, in the delivery of mail or due to a technical problem related to electronic data transmission.

Candidates are also requested to certify that they comply with the Code of Conduct for Contractors.


1.       To review and gather inputs from key stakeholders on best practices/ SOPs in shock-responsive social protection in the Cambodian context

2.       Provide recommendations on existing best practices/ SOPs that should be included to enhance and upgrade the existing National Social Protection Policy Framework in Cambodia. These schemes or interventions are preferably related to disaster management (preparedness, response and recovery) including early warning system, contingency plan and cash transfer mechanism.

Submission Requirements


The Contracting Authority reserves the right to call to interview the Candidates having submitted proposals determined to be substantially responsive.

For further information, please contact the Contracting Authority by using information provided in the contact details.